History of the enterprise and its initial production capacity

The organization called “Hajigabul Poultry Farming” LLC at present started business as a small enterprise called “Hajigabul Poultry Farming” on 06.06.1976. At the time when the factory started business with its full workforce, its egg production was 2 000 000 – 2 220 000 million per year. At present the production of “Hajigabul Poultry Farming” (2016-2017) amounts to 500 000 000 per year.

“Hajigabul Poultry Farming” LLC was privatized by Babashov Adishirin Sitam on October 25, 2002 and embarked on its development in Aghajanli village of Hajigabul region. At present, the company provides 70-75% of the demands of population of the Republic for egg. Our main purpose is to produce eggs, chicken meat and breeding poultry tailored to meet the international requirements and monitor the quality of their delivery to the customers. Our company has been supplied with equipments produced in Turkey and the Netherlands in accordance with the modern international standards.

At present, there are about 90 hen-houses in the company containing 3 500 000 hens. 1 300 000 eggs are taken per day from the hens for egg production.

We are mainly aimed at conducting the business in accordance with the international standards both in the management system and the production processes.

The principal priorities of “Hajigabul Poultry Farming” LLC are to always to focus on the consumers’ interests and to maintain the customers’ sustainable and positive opinions about the products they produce.

Our Vision

After the mother milk, using the superior technology of the egg which is the most valuable nutrient; Natural, hygienic and healthy way to produce a company that maintains reputation and reliability at the highest level in the sector.

Our Mission

To present the most healthy and delicious products to our customers and customers with a sustainable quality understanding.